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COVID 19 Policy

Please take time to read the actions that we’re taking to protect our patients, team and community. It’s a thorough action plan on our part to give you greater confidence in us to protect you in these times that lack clarity.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to unfold, like many others within our community, we’re taking it upon ourselves as our own civic duty to take some heightened additional measures in our offices and our operations.

It may be obvious to some of our longtime patients and community members that have seen our practices grow and evolve both in space, service offerings and capacity, you have come to know that we are low volume, high touch, service-oriented and bespoke practice.

We never have overcrowding in our waiting and common areas nor allow walk-in patients. It is also important to reinforce the understanding that most of our patients who are coming to see us are here to optimize their health and physical well-being. This is not the demographic of a population you would see in a general medical practice.

However, in these times to keep everyone safe and reduce risk of exposure, we are taking additional measures to ensure safety and peace of mind for everyone who walks through our doors as well as for our team.

Below are the heightened measures that we’ve elected to take upon ourselves by mirroring the best practices of other institutions and businesses out there also seeking to protect the well-being of their community.
From the moment you step foot into our office, some of these will be evident to you:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our team and patients:
    • Our team members will have at the minimum, face masks, and any other necessary protective gear they feel necessary to keep you and them safe during the procedure.
    • We will have disposable face masks as well for our patients who may not have them to use during treatments where their faces can be covered.
  • Hand sanitizer or germ and viral killing solutions for our patients and team’s self-care and hygiene at all exits and entry points of our office.
  • Wet wipes will also be available for those that to use while touching common surfaces throughout our office and building to limit exposure.
  • We rigorously upped our cleanings throughout the day of the exam rooms, restrooms, waiting areas and building common areas with alcohol and disinfectant wipes by all members of our team. We have all taken pride as a team at every level in keeping ourselves and our community safe. It’s all hands on deck when it comes to constant cleaning.
  • We have increased the frequency of changing our air filters for our office HVAC units.
  • We will now greet everyone with “Namaste” hands instead of our normal warm greetings which we’ve all come to love (hopefully this is temporary because we are often always excited to see our patients whom we consider our family, since after all we are a relationship driven practice!)
  • We will proactively ask each patient when they enter if there’s anything, we can do to ensure their peace of mind during their in-office visit.